NEW Hard Copy of Referral Directory is HERE

Thanks to your amazing sponsors, 2500 Referral Directories have been published and are now available to you for FREE!

Issue 3 of the “List of Gold”, or Stanwood & Camano Island’s Referral Directory, is a 20 page booklet with every recommended local vendor your neighbors have referred, and seasonal maintenance checklists!

They arrived on my doorstep as I was leaving for the Battle of the Sexes game last night, so a handful of lucky members at the Camano Island Yacht Club secured their FREE copy already!

Currently, there are no Issue 3 copies in town, however, this website will be updated upon delivery at multiple Stanwood, WA and Camano Island, WA locations on this blog and on the Referral Directory HARD COPY LOCATIONS page.

If you would like one hand delivered, please contact Kenzie at 425-765-4432 or and I will make arrangements.


Sincerely, Kenzie Kipper

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