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Interest Rates Steadily Climbing

I posted October 2nd about the Fed Funds rate being at 2.18%. Since then, it has quickly climbed to 2.4%. Prices are significantly lower than they were over the summer, so assuming this is the usual seasonal adjustment, now could be the time to buy! Rates have been consistently rising, and assuming we don’t have another market adjustment, so will prices through summer of 2019. … Continue reading Interest Rates Steadily Climbing

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Fed Funds Rate Increases Significantly & Next Crash?

Recently, the Fed has implemented a significant increase on the Fed Funds Rate. Rising from 1.92% to 2.18%, this is the largest raise in rates for some time. I’ve been tracking these rates regularly, which can be viewed on my blog HERE. Reference the comments thread to see these steady increases since they were as low as 1.16%. Our rates have been so low for … Continue reading Fed Funds Rate Increases Significantly & Next Crash?

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Fed Funds Rate

The Fed Funds rate has been at 0% for some time. Since 2010, it has been at or near 0%. Historically, the rate has never been so low. Now that the market has recovered from the most recent recession which started October 2008, there has been talk of raising it. There is no telling when this will happen, but it has been discussed to raise … Continue reading Fed Funds Rate