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Welcome to Stanwood & Camano Island, Washington’s hub for “tried and true” community recommended vendors!

Local Real Estate Broker, Kenzie Kipper, started keeping a list of local business recommendations in 2015 after moving to the area of your neighbor’s favorite local vendors!

The online list, updated every other month, is posted directly to Kenzie’s blog as they become available. Click Here for the most updated online Referral Directory!

Printed copies of the Referral Directory are distributed to a handful of local shops and restaurants and are available for FREE! CLICK HERE for a list of locations with copies of the printed Referral Directory.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind, Kenzie Kipper has not worked with each of these vendors individually, nor is she personally recommending them. She solely keeps a list of recommended vendors referred by local residents and makes this list available to you. If it is important to you to find a licensed and bonded company, please ask the vendor all qualifying questions before hiring them as qualifications change daily.

Click Here for the most updated online Referral Directory!

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    1. Karen, I believe I missed this. I try to follow a simple process to ensure I get everyone. Could you please post his on the S&C Referrals page at some point so they can be added to the directory? Thank you for your understanding. 😉

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