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What is the Referral Directory?

The Stanwood & Camano Referral Directory is a list composed by Managing Broker, Kenzie Kipper with Kenzie Realty LLC, brokered by Kelly Right RE of Seattle LLC. The directory came about when Kenzie moved to the community in 2014 and wondered where to take her car for service and needed a good referral!

Upon realizing this list was something others would like to refer to, she decided to make it public to the Stanwood & Camano community. The list is available online at Referral Directory – Stanwood & Camano Living ( and updated about every 45 days.

The online Stanwood & Camano Referral Directory has proven to been an invaluable tool for many in the Stanwood, WA and Camano Island, WA area! Since sharing her “List of Gold” with the community, many have reached out to ask if there was a printable version as they preferred having a physical copy they could refer to when they needed a good referral. Kenzie prepared a printable version, but soon realized it would take a lot of paper and ink to print these on individual printers, so she decided to publish the list!

Over the last seven years, this list has grown to include most of the needs of the Stanwood, WA and Camano Island, WA community. This list is comprised of referrals from neighbors, and therefore are not only including licensed and bonded companies. Please do your due diligence and ask the referral any questions you may have including if the company has a license number if you are looking for licensed professionals.

All complaints are taken into account and companies on this list have not received two or more complaints. Some were removed from the first complaint if compelling arguments were presented. If you see anyone on the current list you do not feel should be included in the next publication, PLEASE email or call (425)765-4432 to let Kenzie know why and your complaint will be noted. Additionally, if you happen to see a retired or closed business or any typos, please also reach out to Kenzie to notify her to remove the company or make any corrections necessary. This takes a village!

Ad Space Available!

Ad space is NOW AVAILABLE until December 30, 2022. Eight local businesses will be selected to highlight their business in the next publication. This is by donation only. Last publication, companies donated between $50-500 each. These donations will be paid directly to the Publisher and pay for the next issue to be published. The issue will last as long as the directories last. As soon as they are out, a new issue will be published. The first eight companies to show interest will be selected to donate for this publication. Please email of your interest. Companies will be notified by January 20, 2023 if they have been selected.

Should you be interested in your business being featured in the FULL CENTER SECTION of the publication, there is a current contest going on allowing you to enter one topic you would like to share with the community about your business FOR FREE. Please visit FREE Marketing Opportunity for your Local Stanwood or Camano Business! – Stanwood & Camano Living ( for more details and how to enter.

Thank you for your support and assistance in this project!

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