Community Recommended Vendors

Finding good service is like finding a needle in a haystack! My clients often ask me who to call for home repairs, renovating, annual furnace service, landscape enhancement, painting and so much more!  To be able to provide quality information, I provide our community a forum to “highly recommend” their favorite vendors.

Locals share any and all recommendations they have for community services, food, etc on the Facebook page, Stanwood and Camano Referrals. This is a growing list and will be updated on this blog every 45 days. If you are not already a member, please help support your community and join the group to offer your recommendations or ask for local  referrals.

For those looking to highlight a personal business, a sister page, Stanwood and Camano Local Businesses, has been created to supplement this need. The Local Businesses list will accompany the Referral page. To view in full screen, simply click on a directory image below.

Thank you all for such an amazing start on the Stanwood and Camano Referral Directory! Enjoy!

April Referral Directory April Local Businesses Directory

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