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As many of you are aware, I have been managing some Facebook pages that I feel greatly serve our community. I have had wonderful feedback on the sister pages, Stanwood & Camano Referrals and Stanwood & Camano Local Businesses where I publish free local directories. Local businesses can be found without paying a dime, and highly recommended vendors can be referred without money driven strategic SEO and algorithms that drive traffic.

Since introducing these pages, there appeared to be a need for postings for local vendors and businesses to post about job openings. I have been managing the Stanwood & Camano Jobs page for some time now and it appears to really be peaking new interest. I, along with many helpful neighbors, have been posting new business opportunities that are advertised around town, in the paper, etc. to help narrow the search to one location.

If you are a local Stanwood or Camano Island, WA business, please feel free to post any new job openings on this page. It warms my heart when individuals reach out to me directly to let me know of positive changes they made and how much this page helped them.

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