Community Recommended Vendors: April 2016 Issue

Wow! It has been one year since I posted the first Referral and Local Businesses Directories! Thanks to members of the Stanwood & Camano Referrals and Stanwood & Camano Local Businesses pages on Facebook, I have a fabulous list of local vendors to provide to you! The Referral Directory started at 3 columns after 45 days of local referral posts, and is now at 9 columns only one year later! The Local Businesses Directory is a close second increasing from 3 columns to 8! Remember to share this list and Facebook pages with your friends and invite friends to this page! Let’s see how complete of a list we can get! Please remember, posts need to be on the page to get onto the directory. ūüėČ

I am so thankful to have this list now that Spring is here as I have some homeowner maintenance items I am itching to get done!

Happy Spring and enjoy knowing you are in good hands!


Stanwood, WA and Camano Island, WA Referral Directory:

April 2016 Referral Directory

Stanwood, WA and Camano Island, WA Local Businesses Directory:

April 2016 Local Businesses Directory

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