Barnum Point Park is Official!

I’ve been admiring the undeveloped Barnum Point ever since I moved to the Island. I admit, being a real estate agent in the area is so incredibly rewarding as I often tour some amazing view properties and always get to enjoy friendly, caring clientele.

Although extremely enriching, selling real estate in this area is also a struggle. After 12 years in the business, a business degree and a mind like my father, a commercial agent who helped transform South Lake Union in Seattle, I have to remind myself why I moved to this area and not attempt to develop this amazing Island! I want nothing more than to have beautiful, undeveloped areas to use with my family and friends, and know I have to extinguish my thoughts of future development.

I am thrilled to announce that funds have been raised to purchase almost all of Barnum Point’s 129 acres to complete the Barnum Point Beach Park!! One final grant is currently being worked on to fund the remaining five parcels to finish the county park and expand the beach walk to 1 mile! As a local, I am ecstatic to have the opportunity to utilize this breathtaking land in the very near future with friends and family.

Looking forward to beach and trails once the last private portion is purchased from the Barnum family. 🙂

Here are some stories to fill you in! 🙂

Barnum Point County Park


A special thank you to Benjamin Drummond for the wonderful featured aerial photo.

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