Cama Beach, Camano Island Wa

As I was showing a house two days ago, I mentioned that one of the reasons I specifically chose Camano Island, Wa to reside in myself was due to the lack of “things to do”.

Growing up on the Eastside (Bellevue, Wa), I had a wonderful understanding of my surrounding areas and knew most offered many options when it came to “what to do”. Although this seems like a good thing, I wanted to get into nature, which was nearing the bottom of my to do list with such a saturated area.

I knew by removing the excess amenities, I would have no choice but to walk trails, visit beaches and take in much needed time outside.

Although we still have modern amenities, we are not over stimulated on Camano Island.

Being a mother of a toddler, coming from the City, it was an adjustment to move to an area without trampoline parks, malls, play date cafes, etc.

My commitment to my health helped me justify getting into nature. I found the lack of “things to do” empowering and rewarding in itself.

One of my favorite beaches is Cama Beach. I found myself at a play date here on a cloudy Spring day. It was perfect. 😍

The sprawling beach is tucked away, accessed by long and short trails, and brings everlasting fun and a tranquil environment.

You need a $10 visitor pass or $30 annual Discovery Pass, which can be used at any National Park, including adjacent Camano Island State Park.

Longer trailheads begin at the Welcome Center, while shorter trails begin near Cama Beach Cafe.

The beach expands to the original Welcome sign (possibly the most beautiful part just past the cabins to the North) down to the beginning of Camano State Park to the South.

Regular shuttles are offered around the 38 acre property along with special activities including wooden boat making on Saturdays.

Cama Beach offers tiny remodeled rental cabins, originally built in 1930. Situated in an ideal setting near the water’s edge, the cabins allow for a longer stay. Camping is available at adjacent Camano Island State Park. Cabins are currently booked through October on weekends, so planning a stay in advance is advised.

Here is a current copy of the handout of the grounds:

Camano is a wonderful place to call home. If you are unsure of where to reside, I would be more than happy to discuss your needs and either help you find a local home or refer you to a stand-out agent in an area more fitting to you.

Contact me anytime 425-765-4432 or 😉

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