Broker, Kenzie Kipper, on HGTV’s Island Life

Over the summer of 2019, I had the privilege to film two episodes of HGTV’s Island Life on my beloved Island, Camano Island, WA!!! As a Real Estate Broker on Camano Island, I was cast to film two families find their new homes! The producers and crew were wonderful to work with and it was an experience I will never forget– as my client explained it, “a bucket list” event.

As my clients can attest, we found ourselves closely bonded after completing one of the most exciting and monumental purchases of their lives. After spending so much time together and forming lifetime relationships, I now call them (as I do ALL of my previous clients), friends.

My clients and I had an absolute BLAST filming. We laughed hysterically (like grade schoolers in a quiet class during testing), wined and dined at Bertelsen Winery (Rosé wine was excellent), enjoyed coffee and pastries at Cama Beach Café (exceptional breakfast destination), and explored some of the Island’s available homes together.

We were informed of our air dates of March 7 and March 14, 2020, so I made arrangements for a local Watch Party at Stanwood’s Co-Host venue, filmed a commercial (below) to open the show with and excitedly prepared to host my fellow neighbors. In the process of organizing “Island Life” themed sugar cookies to offer my guests, we became aware of COVID-19 and all was cancelled!

Upon attending my friend’s birthday party recently, she informed me the episode we filmed together had come available in May via streaming! So far, just the one is streaming in Season 19, Outdoor Adventures for the Family on Camano Island. Some networks offer it as Episode 1 while others as Episode 3.

The currently available episode showcases local venues such as Bertelsen Winery, Center for Wooden Boats at Cama Beach, Camano Island Inn, Camano Island State Park, Camano Commons, and various homes around the Island.

A special THANK YOU to my team for making this possible: Susan Hill at Juniper Hill Salon for hair, make-up by Krista Fossum, and personal shopper Chloe Styles.

I hope you have an opportunity to watch the show and I will certainly update you as the second episode comes available!

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