2023 Q3 Market Insider: Stanwood & Camano Island, WA

In the 3rd quarter of 2023, there were a total of 107 residential sales in Stanwood, WA and 98 total sales in Camano Island, WA.

Stanwood, WA home sales ranged from $150,000 to $1,350,000 with a median price point of $650,000.

Camano Island, WA home sales ranged from $250,000 to $1,720,000 with a median price of $725,000.

Over the last year, prices have remained relatively stagnant, with exception to Camano Island. Last month, Camano’s median prices increased 37%, going from $658,250 to $810,000. Before this massive increase Camano had experienced a large dip January through March. This resulted in an increase in Q3 of 15.6%.

Stanwood, WA also had a dip in Q1, significant increases in Q2, yet ended decreasing 2.2% over the last three months, or Q3. The entire MLS only saw an increase in Q3 of .3%

Over the last rolling 12 months, Camano Island saw a gain of 4.5%, Stanwood a loss of .8%,  and the entire MLS a loss of 2.4% based on median home sales.

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