Guide to Camano Island, Wa Beach Access

Camano Island is just shy of 40 sq mi, 15.6 mi long and .75-6.6mi wide. Two known state parks, Camano Island State Park and Cama Beach State park are popular places to visit the breathtaking beaches and forests on the West coastline. Being such a small island, driving from the East side of the island to the West only takes up to 10 minutes. In … Continue reading Guide to Camano Island, Wa Beach Access

Parks & Beaches on Camano Island

Looking for a way to enjoy Camano Island? With so much beauty, most of our attractions are sightseeing and getting back to nature at our local parks and beaches!! Wonder which to go to? More info: Facebook Page @101 ThingstoDoCamano Island Enjoy your stay! Let me know if you want to pursue a vacation rental, airbnb or VRBO and I can send you a … Continue reading Parks & Beaches on Camano Island

Preserving Port Susan’s Ecosystem

“A day in Port Susan is a good day” -Tom Hoban If you are interested in knowing more about how critical Port Susan is to so many species, watch the 5 min video! Volunteers are welcomed to help create and manage a sustainable environment. Full Article and Video: Continue reading Preserving Port Susan’s Ecosystem

New 127 acres of trails and beaches on Camano?!?

We’ll find out soon if the remaining $1.1M will be raised to purchase a 29 acre parcel on Barnum Point! Currently 39 acres are owned by the Whidbey Camano Land Trust for public access, with the hope to expand to 130 acres. Plans to open 2.5 miles trails and 1 mile long beach to the public were easily attainable until a foreclosure timeframe began to … Continue reading New 127 acres of trails and beaches on Camano?!?