Guide to Camano Island, Wa Beach Access

Camano Island is just shy of 40 sq mi, 15.6 mi long and .75-6.6mi wide.

Two known state parks, Camano Island State Park and Cama Beach State park are popular places to visit the breathtaking beaches and forests on the West coastline.

Being such a small island, driving from the East side of the island to the West only takes up to 10 minutes.

In an evening, one can enjoy the pastel pink skies overlooking the Cascade Mountain Range and Port Susan to the East, then the deep red and orange sunset over the Saratoga Passage, Whidbey Island and Olympic Mountain Range on the West.

Deciding on the beach is the only hard part once you know where the access points are for the beaches.

Click Here for a guide on where to venture!

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