Community Recommended Vendors: January 2016 Issue

The new Referral Directory is now available! I am so excited about this forum as I think of it every time I need a good referral for our small community. I love supporting local businesses as it enriches our community. We are all so willing and helpful online, and I wondered if anyone would be interested in participating in expanding this mentality to a face-to-face gathering!?! I am currently brainstorming, so if you have any ideas on what would be an intriguing reason to stay in town and mingle, I’m all ears! A local photographer, Lisa Bruce, came to me with this idea, and mentioned a Doggy Dinner, Doggy walk/festival, Downtown music festival, etc would be wonderful here. I understand this is a huge undertaking, but feel our community deservers this! I cannot promise when it will happen, but if there is enough interest, I will take this head on with anyone interested in helping. 🙂

January 2016 Referral Directory

January 2016 Local Businesses Directory

3 thoughts on “Community Recommended Vendors: January 2016 Issue

    1. Sorry for the delay! This is not paid. Both of my directories are completely free. Both of the business directories I publish are directly linked to the sister Facebook pages, Stanwood & Camano Local Businesses and Stanwood & Camano Referrals. To be on the Local Businesses directory, simply post about your business on the page directly anytime. It’s free to use and you can post as many times as you like. The Referral directory is for highly recommended local vendors in the area.
      My goal is to promote our community and make free advertising available to our local businesses. I hope you receive new business from my efforts! Good luck. 😉

      Kenzie Kipper
      Real Estate Broker
      Kelly Right Real Estate of Seattle
      C 425-765-4432
      F 425-650-6819

    2. I volunteer my time to make this a completely FREE service to all local businesses. 🙂 Feel free to maximize your exposure and post anytime on the Stanwood & Camano Local Businesses page. If you receive great service from a local vendor, please share about your experience on Stanwood & Camano Referrals page! Each has a directory for future reference posted about every 45 days on this blog site. 🙂

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