Meet Our Artists!

Recently, upon delivering my Referral Driectory to Cassera Gallery, I was invited by owner, Dave Cassera, to join him for his monthly art shows! I stumbled into this wonderful world upon visiting recently for his Open House showcasing artist, Joseph Kinnebrew. At this show, I was glad to run into local artists, John Ebner, Jack Gunter, and was pleased to meet David Jayne and J. … Continue reading Meet Our Artists!

Wednesday Market Updates

I began updating my Facebook visitors a couple of weeks ago with market statistics. I will be doing this every Wednesday so we can keep an eye on the market activity together! Watching new, Pending and Sold listings can help paint a picture for those wanting to know “how the market is doing”. I will be adding a link to the new listings for the … Continue reading Wednesday Market Updates

Fed Funds Rate Increases Significantly & Next Crash?

Recently, the Fed has implemented a significant increase on the Fed Funds Rate. Rising from 1.92% to 2.18%, this is the largest raise in rates for some time. I’ve been tracking these rates regularly, which can be viewed on my blog HERE. Reference the comments thread to see these steady increases since they were as low as 1.16%. Our rates have been so low for … Continue reading Fed Funds Rate Increases Significantly & Next Crash?

Referral Directory AVAILABLE!!

Feel free to stop by any of these locations to get your FREE copy of the published Referral Directory and support our local businesses! 🙂 Camano Island: Hodgepodge Spare Room Rockaway Cameloch Golf & Country Club Crow’s Nest Stanwood: Urban Trends Advanced Automotive Ladders Clothing & Company One A-Chord Academy & Cafe Cookie Mill Starbucks YMCA Srtiv Coffehouse Dollies & Doorknobs The Dance Project NW … Continue reading Referral Directory AVAILABLE!!

Cama Beach, Camano Island Wa

As I was showing a house two days ago, I mentioned that one of the reasons I specifically chose Camano Island, Wa to reside in myself was due to the lack of “things to do”. Growing up on the Eastside (Bellevue, Wa), I had a wonderful understanding of my surrounding areas and knew most offered many options when it came to “what to do”. Although … Continue reading Cama Beach, Camano Island Wa

Guide to Camano Island, Wa Beach Access

Camano Island is just shy of 40 sq mi, 15.6 mi long and .75-6.6mi wide. Two known state parks, Camano Island State Park and Cama Beach State park are popular places to visit the breathtaking beaches and forests on the West coastline. Being such a small island, driving from the East side of the island to the West only takes up to 10 minutes. In … Continue reading Guide to Camano Island, Wa Beach Access